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Humanima, the Series (Disc 2)/Humanima - Série (Disque 2)

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The documentary series Humanima invites you to discover the fascinating men and women who are in touch with animals, nature and the environment. The second disc in a package of 4 DVDs includes the following episodes:

One Man’s Heaven on Earth
Henri Jacob, a committed environmentalist, likes to get involved in down-to-earth projects. He has spent his summers since 1995 identifying and banding hundreds of ducks on Lake Parent in Abitibi, Québec. As he goes about his summertime chores, we discover the fascinating world of Henri Jacob, the heaven on earth he cherishes and defends so fiercely.

One Good Deed Deserves Another
On their farm located in Carignan, Québec, Gloria Grow and her husband Richard Allan provide a home for hundreds of abandoned and abused animals. They were the fi rst to take in HIV-positive chimpanzees. Over and above the daily care she gives these animals - who have given so much to human beings - Gloria Grow is actively involved in the fight to ban biomedical research on animals.

Behind the Camera
Quiet on the set! Victor the dog is ready. Standing beside the camera is his trainer Jean Cardinal. Well-known to Canadian, American and European movie producers, Jean Cardinal is revealed to us through some very touching scenes of his daily life and his relationships with the animals he loves and respects.

2009, 72 min

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