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Madwoman of God - DVD/Folle de Dieu - DVD

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A story of the passion between a nun and God, her “divine spouse,” Jean-Daniel Lafond’s film paints an astonishing portrait of Marie de l’Incarnation, a mid-seventeenth-century mystic who abandoned her son and left France to build a convent in Canada, where she became the first female writer in New France.

A religious adventure story, the film shows actress Marie Tifo seeking to inhabit this unusual role. Using a script by Jean-Daniel Lafond, she tackles the nun’s incandescent writing and her candid letters to her son. The documentary fuses actress and role, past and present and takes us on a truly extraordinary historical and artistic journey. This DVD includes the original French version and the French version with English subtitles.

2009, 76 min 30 s

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