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Léandre Bergeron - With Hopeless Conviction - DVD/Léandre Bergeron - Avec conviction, sans espoir - DVD

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An encounter with Léandre Bergeron, a Franco-Manitoban by birth and author of the bestselling History of Québec: A Patriote’s Handbook and The Québécois Dictionary.

After years as a university professor in Montreal, Bergeron settled in Abitibi, making a new life for himself as a farmer and baker. In daily contact with nature, this nonconformist rebel can live a free life in tune with his unshakeable vision for society, politics and the family, his commitment to the environment, home birth and homeschooling, and his concerns about the industrialization of agriculture and globalization.

Léandre Bergeron – With hopeless conviction, offers a compelling meditation stemming from a lifelong struggle for freedom.

2009, 52 min

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