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Anchored in Her World - DVD/Mère et monde - DVD

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In 1993, Michel Langlois completed Cap Tourmente, a dramatic feature inspired by a family he knew in Quebec’s Charlevoix region. Langlois wants in some way to repay the members of this family (especially the mother, Yvonne Cimon), feeling that he had stolen something from them in writing a film based on their lives. He thus brings them back together to make a documentary about them. But someone is missing. Geneviève, who originally introduced Langlois to the family in 1969, is living in Mexico and refuses to return for the film. After Lettre à mon père and The Broken Thread, Anchored in Her World reconfirms the autobiographical nature of Langlois’s films, even making a link between his fictional work and his documentaries. An ambitious film, Anchored in Her World adopts the form of a personal quest in which we follow the filmmaker in search of himself.

2009, 85 min 40 s