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So, Where Do We Fit In? - DVD/Pis nous autres dans tout ça? - DVD

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What would happen if three huge Franco-Ontarian flags wandered over the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City during the St. Jean Baptiste celebrations? A young Ontario francophone, Andréanne Germain, goes in search of an answer. Her idea isn’t to provoke Quebecers but to sensitize them to an overlooked reality. The setting she chooses is St. Jean Baptiste, formerly a celebration for French Canadians in general, but since 1967 the Quebec national holiday.

Andréanne’s set-up: She recruits two guinea pigs, both Quebecers, via the Internet, without telling them their mission, gives them each an immense Franco-Ontarian flag and gleefully tells them to walk around Quebec City.
So, where do we fit in? is what Andréanne asks of the Quebec nationalists, playfully but implying the existence of a third Canadian solitude.

This documentary short was produced as part of the Tremplin contest, which gives young Canadian francophones living outside Quebec a chance to make their first film under professional conditions. In French with option of English subtitles.

2009, 24 min 01 s