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Inhabiting Dance - DVD/Habiter la danse - DVD

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As fluid as a choreography, Inhabiting Dance introduces Sylvie Mazerolle, a young woman for whom dance is as vital and fundamental as breathing. As it tracks her process, the film also takes a look at dance in New Brunswick.

Sylvie’s sensitivity permeates the film, which uses powerful symbolic imagery to underpin her words and shed light on her deep personal and artistic quest.

Now settled in Vancouver, Sylvie still yearns for her native New Brunswick and seeks a project that will bring her closer to her roots. But wherever she may be, Sylvie will continue doing what she loves, knowing that her real home is where her heart is — dance.

This documentary short was produced as part of the Tremplin contest, which gives young Canadian francophones living outside Quebec a chance to make their first film under professional conditions.

2009, 25 min 05 s