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Pierre Perrault Film Works - Volume 4: Man and Nature/L'oeuvre de Pierre Perrault - Volume 4 : l'homme et la nature

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The works of Pierre Perrault are unique in world cinema heritage. They directly capture life and the spoken word, filmed by an explorer and poet who set out to discover an aspect of mankind forgotten by recorded history.

The films in this box set draw us deep into the heart of Quebec and into Native territory, where the natural world leaves a lasting mark on human nature. Now confined to reserves, the Montagnais have kept alive the memory of this close relation with nature and return to the land of their ancestors for a memorable hunting expedition. Two films about a once nomadic, now sedentary people.

The box set also contains La bête lumineuse (The Shimmering Beast), one of the most powerful works of direct cinema. A group of friends sets off into the wilderness for a traditional moose hunt. The return to nature forces them to confront themselves and the shooting expedition quickly becomes less about moose than men.

2009, 496 min 41 s

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