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A Monk's Secret

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The Trappists in Oka began making the famous Oka cheese around 1890. A Trappist monk from France taught them the recipe, which dates back to the 11th century. The blend of this age-old craft with Quebec’s land and climate gave the cheese its special character – a uniqueness that industrial production has never been able to completely reproduce, claim the Trappists.

Brother Albéric continues to make the cheese at an abbey in Manitoba according to traditional methods and a secret recipe written in a mysterious notebook. In tune with the slow pace of the daily existence of the Trappist cheese-makers, Yves Étienne Massicotte’s film delves deeply into monastic life and follows its contemplative path. A Monk's Secret reveals a world far removed from the frenzy of productivity while at the same time serving as a pretext to reflect on the meaning of work and the role of individuals within their community.


2009, 27 min 58 s

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