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Pierre Perrault Film Works - Volume 2 (Disc 2)/L'oeuvre de Pierre Perrault - Volume 2 (Disque 2)

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The works of Pierre Perrault are unique in world cinema heritage. They directly capture life and the spoken word, filmed by an explorer and poet who set out to discover aspects of humankind not recorded in books.                                                               

Underlying Perrault’s entire oeuvre is the quest for identity. In the films of this box set, that quest is viewed through the sense of attachment to a homeland, as experienced by Quebecers, other Franco-Canadians, Aboriginals, and also by people in Brittany, France. It is seen in the Acadian awakening sparked by the student protests at New Brunswick’s Université de Moncton. And even in the far reaches of the frozen North, where Perrault goes in search of “oumigmag,” the muskox that lives hard up against the glacier – an enduring symbol of rootedness and survival in an unwelcoming environment. There, the glorious battle for dominance of the herd serves as a striking metaphor for the struggle for nationhood.

Disc 2 is the second of 4 discs available in Pierre Perrault Film Works - Volume 2: The Quest for Collective Identify.

2009, 117 min 51 s

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