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L'homme qui dort

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A young woman is married to a man who is constantly sleeping. Having him near gives her a feeling of security and reassurance. She is a prisoner to her solitude and refuses to admit that the sleeping body is nothing more than a memory, the reminder of someone she once loved, a sleeping ghost. When she unexpectedly meets an alluring street entertainer, she realizes to what extent her state of denial has become pervasive and oppressive.

To illustrate the woman’s inner confusion, director Inès Sedan perfected an elaborate artistic approach that plays on predominantly sepia tones and pulsating textures suggestive of dry pastels. The use of short focal length shots creates a kind of intimate expressionism that aptly conveys the lack of awareness resulting from the character’s obsession. The Man Who Slept is a work about resilience and shows that we can find the key to accepting loss by opening ourselves up to others.

2009, 11 min 45 s

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Golden Sheaf Award: Emerging Filmmaker
Yorkton Film Festival
May 27 to 30 2010, Yorkton - Canada