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Namrata - DVD

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For the first time in 17 years, Namrata Gill wraps herself in her wedding sari. It doesn't bring back happy memories.

Her husband was supposed to be Prince Charming – whisking her away from Punjab to a new life in Canada. But instead of living a fairy-tale dream, Gill found herself in a nightmare. She worked long hours in her husband's Edmonton convenience store, while facing increasing physical and emotional abuse from her husband and in-laws. And the situation only worsened after the birth of her daughter.

In this intensely personal short film, Gill whose story was one of many real-life inspirations for Deepa Mehta's feature film Heaven on Earth describes her six years in an abusive relationship, and how difficult leaving can be when you are part of a close-knit immigrant community.

Namrata is more than the story of one woman, told in her own words. Its simple and personal approach opens the door for discussions on domestic violence among new Canadians – and may even encourage others to share their stories.
In English with French subtitles.

2009, 09 min 11 s

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