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Who has not dreamed of being stronger, cooler, and more popular? This is exactly what Elliot, a twelve-year-old boy being bullied by older boys at school dreams of. Coerced into meeting Luke and his friends at 4 o’clock at the bike rack for a fight, Elliot imagines different ways of getting out of this situation. But Elliot is out of luck. Neither the disappearance of the bike rack, nor the intervention of the janitor, nor the imaginary boxing match will get him out of trouble. He will have to face Luke in an unfair fight, which will be, fortunately for Elliot, interrupted by a teacher. Despite taking a fictive and imaginary approach, this film accurately depicts a sad and too common reality. 

A short film about intimidation at school, produced with the exceptional participation of 46 boys and girls from the Mercier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district in Montreal.

2010, 10 min 02 s

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