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Unveiled: The Mother Daughter Relationship

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The mother/daughter relationship is a tangled web of emotions, fraught with love, anger, compassion, laughter and joy. But throw a wedding into the mix and everything becomes that much more intense. Unveiled: The Mother/Daughter Relationship is a candid, revealing look at mothers and daughters in the throes of planning a wedding. Rich in verité-style cinematography complemented by insightful interviews, Unveiled presents a close-up portrait of three sets of mothers and daughters who "tell all" in this highly-charged film: Sabina and Shari--A relationship of conflicting expectations, disappointment and bittersweet love. Ruth and Carline--Carline doesn't share as much of her life with her mother as Ruth would like... and it is driving Ruth crazy. Pearl, Rhonda and Heather--Pearl is getting married for the second time. Her eldest daughter, Rhonda, shepherds Pearl through the excitement and anxieties by orchestrating many of the plans. An entertaining and richly textured film spiced with humour, pathos, frustration, resentment and love, Unveiled explores the myths and realities of one of the most complex human connections.

1997, 55 min 10 s