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Molly in Springtime - DVD/Le printemps de Mélie - DVD

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Balthasarville celebrates the arrival of spring with a Flower Festival. When the King distributes honeycake to all the young girls, Molly Gingerbread gets the charm and is crowned Queen of the Festival, choosing Léon as her king. But the rogue Bonifacio, scheming to become king himself, steals a magic apple and poisons the town’s water supply. Everyone falls sick. The indomitable Molly, aided by grumbly old Hedgehog, finds the antidote, cures the townspeople and unmasks Bonifacio as a liar. With Léon’s help, the rogue is banished and the town saved. In its colourful medieval setting, Molly in Springtime is a delightful puppet animation in which love trumps deceit


2010, 26 min 59 s