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Grace, Milly, Lucy... Child Soldiers

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Over the past twenty years, more than 30,000 Ugandan children have been abducted by rebel troops and forced into in armed conflict. Many of these child soldiers are girls. Grace, Milly Lucy...Child Soldiers explores this little-known reality.

When they return from captivity, girls who were trained to kill and often forced to “marry” their captors must readjust to life within their community. Clinging to their dreams, Grace, Milly and Lucy are trying to restore meaning to their lives and break the silence surrounding the fate of a sacrificed generation.

Combining personal accounts and scenes from daily life, this documentary conjures up the stifled echoes of a painful past and dares to believe that a better future is within reach for these women who are united in a common struggle.

2010, 72 min 53 s

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