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Celebrating Chiac - Part II - DVD/Éloge du chiac - Part 2 - DVD

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Spoken in southeastern New Brunswick, Chiac is an inventive blend of French—Old as well as Modern—and English, and is intimately linked to Acadien identity. Forty years after Michel Brault’s 1968 documentary short Éloge du chiac, director Marie Cadieux takes up the thread of that film’s lively discussions between Rose-Anna and her French-speaking students at École Beauséjour.

In the cafés, streets and classrooms of Moncton, Shediac and Bouctouche, Acadians of all ages wonder about themselves, and feel outrage. Ordinary citizens, artists and even sociolinguists in France profess, each in their own way, their love for the Chiac language.Peppered with humorous clips from the cartoon Acadieman, Éloge du chiac – Part 2 elicits laughter and some gnashing of teeth, but is above all a thought-provoking document about the future of Francophone communities in Canada and around the world. English subtitled version

2010, 77 min 37 s