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The Formation of Clouds / La formation des nuages

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Childhood is a private, fragile terrain in which the marks of our explorations are inscribed. A delicate, sensitive evocation of burgeoning desire, The Formation of Clouds follows the steps of a young girl in the midst of transformation, clearly delineating that odd moment when one is no longer a child, exactly, but not yet an adult either. Using the simplicity of pen and ink drawings with graceful superimposition effects on glossy paper, Marie-Hélène Turcotte succeeds in capturing all the nuances of this transitional stage, in which the ingenuous wish to remain a child accompanies the yearning for self-discovery. With grace and sensitivity, this first short film becomes a visual poem that plays out at the frontier between reality and imagination. Film without words.


2010, 10 min 11 s

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Opera Prima Award
Festival internacional de Cine para Ninos / DIVERCINE
July 4 to 9 2011, Montevideo - Uruguay

Golden Horseman (Animated Film)
Filmfest - International Festival for Animation and Short Films
April 12 to 17 2011, Dresden - Germany