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The Socalled Movie - DVD/Socalled, le film - DVD

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With over 2.5 million YouTube hits for his music video You Are Never Alone, Montreal-based musician, filmmaker, cartoonist and magician Josh Dolgin—aka Socalled—has set the creative world ablaze. His unique style blends surreal visuals with his own mash-up of hip-hop, funk and traditional Jewish folk music. Director Garry Beitel takes viewers on a journey inside the mind of the man who has been dubbed “The Yiddish James Brown,” exploring his art, life and everything inbetween that makes him so damn fascinating.


• Rehearsing a Hasidic Melody
• Elaine: My Klezmer Heritage
• Sound Check on a Boat in Lyon
• Singing in Harmony with his Buddies
• Happy People
• You are Never Alone Music Video

2010, 87 min 30 s