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The End of Time

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The End of Time is filmmaker Peter Mettler’s cinematic investigation into the philosophical, scientific, environmental and human dimensions of time. Mettler’s experiential documentary includes ruminations from Switzerland’s CERN Lab, Hawaii’s mind-bending lava flows, a Hindu funeral rite and a post-apocalyptic Detroit. An eclectic mix of physicists, Buddhists, techno-musicians, outliers, hermits and ecologists express diverse concepts of time that are sharply articulated against a background of striking visuals and sound. Is time just a perception? Can we slow it down or speed it up? When did time become money? This expansive meditation roams between science and art, wonder and doom, the known and the unfathomable. The result is a profound experience, an opportunity to reflect upon the biggest questions about the human condition, the future, and that which exists beyond our physical and spiritual limits.

2012, 113 min 52 s

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