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Painted Tales Series

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Painted Tales is a series of animated films in which each fictional story is based on the art and life of a master painter and his relationship with a child he encountered. The artists and their inspiring work are presented through the eyes of the child, as he or she learns to understand the art and the person behind it. 

Using the most advanced trends in computer animation technology, Painted Tales presents renowned artwork in a unique visual manner that will inform and encourage young minds. Auryn paints each magical story in the artist’s individual style, frame by frame, to create a moving canvas of brush strokes, bringing to life the world’s most beloved paintings. 

The intended audience is four- to ten-year-old children. This visual series introduces its viewers to a vast range of aesthetic styles through imaginative use of forms and colours. In addition, the audience is exposed to the human hand behind the paintings and learns about the artist and the power of creativity. 
Painted Tales reminds us that art doesn’t just happen, and that extraordinary art happens in an extraordinary manner.

2010, 21 min 26 s

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