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Nunavut Animation Lab: Lumaajuuq

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Lumaajuuq is a tragic and twisted story about the dangers of revenge. A cruel mother mistreats her son, feeding him dog meat and forcing him to sleep in the cold. A loon, who tells the boy that his mother blinded him, helps the child regain his eyesight. Then the boy seeks revenge, releasing his mother’s lifeline as she harpoons a whale and watching her drown. As the boy’s sister cries over the fate of their mother, the boy realizes the futility of seeking vengeance.

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril uses graceful digital animation to retell this story, based on a portion of the epic Inuit legend “The Blind Boy and the Loon.”

2010, 07 min 36 s

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Best Aboriginal Award
Yorkton Film Festival
May 26 to 29 2011, Yorkton - Canada

Best Canadian Short Drama
Imagine Native Film + Media Arts Festival
October 20 to 24 2010, Toronto - Canada

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