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The Bell Jar - DVD/Printemps fragiles - DVD

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A chronicle of resilience in action, Printemps fragiles features a group of pre-teens who attend Dr. Gilles Julien’s drop-in centre for troubled children. Each has challenges to meet, and in sharing fun, games and chores with their peers, they build self-esteem and develop empathy for others. With the help of adult counsellors and volunteers, they learn to follow sensible life rules and strive for balance. Day by day they discover themselves and develop inner strength. A respectful witness to their “fragile blossoming,” director André Melançon offers a filmic record of this moving journey. Simple, touching and upbeat, the documentary is at once a message of hope and a plea for all children to be given the care and attention they need to become who they are.

Original version in French with option of English subtitles

2010, 102 min 52 s

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