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Where Do White People Go When the Long Weekend Comes? The Wondrous Journey of Delroy Kincaid

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Delroy Kincaid, an artistic 8-year-old boy from a tiny seaside Caribbean village, immigrates to Canada. One day he begins to wonder where his white friends go when the holiday weekends come; because he, like many new black immigrants, doesn’t travel. Delroy’s imagination comes alive and takes him on a wondrous journey through which he tries to understand his new home. The journey also helps him reconcile the death of his beloved grandmother, who taught him how to illustrate. Delroy Kincaid is a bittersweet whimsical fantasy that uses live action, animation and illustrations to explore the new immigrant experience without dialouge. Produced with the assistance of NFB's FAP program.

2008, 07 min 45 s