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Invisible City - DVD/La cité invisible - DVD

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In the inner city housing project of Toronto’s Regent Park, Kendell and Mikey, like their surroundings, are in the process of transformation. Half-demolished buildings, fenced construction zones and vacant lots dot the landscape as the Regent Park Revitalization project is underway. Isolated socially and physically since it was built in the late 1940s, the community of Regent Park is becoming a different place.          

Shot over three years, Invisible City is a moving story of two boys crossing into adulthood – their mothers and mentors rooting for them to succeed, their environment and social pressures tempting them to make poor choices. Struggling with the pressures of high school and facing harsh realities, their voices reveal a range of emotions and insights: anxiety, hopefulness, vulnerability and understanding.

Turning his camera on the often ignored inner city, Academy-award nominated director Hubert Davis sensitively depicts the disconnection of urban poverty and race from the mainstream. Davis captures the dreams and the disappointments of Kendell and Mikey at a crucial time in their lives. The shiny glass towers that rise to completion at the film's end, beckon a new era – invisible for so long, Regent Park will finally emerge from the shadows and the stigma.  Will Kendell and Mikey be as fortunate?

2010, 92 min 47 s