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The Barewolf / Le loup à poil

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The werewolves that live in this secluded place are particularly savage: when not attacking anything that moves, they spend their time arguing and fighting. Driven by instinct, one young werewolf chases pink flamingos through the wild, straying far from home. Before he knows it, he’s in a place he knows nothing about: the world of humans.

Surrounded by things he’d never seen before — garden gnomes and plastic animals — he attacks them wildly. Suddenly, he encounters a man who attacks him in turn, leaving him with a magic bite mark. The young wolf staggers back home, where he gradually recovers, though he’s not quite the same. One day, a rainbow appears. Our werewolf immediately transforms into a human being, and sets about abusing his former brethren. Shocked and dismayed, the werewolves howl bitterly at their fate.


2010, 10 min 17 s

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