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Thoughts Raced in My Head (Web Site)

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The idea for this website project originated during the production of the documentary Racing Thoughts. That is when we met Blanche Véronique, one of the four young people who talk of their experience with mental illness in the film. She agreed to share some of her drawings, poems and thoughts for this website.

Blanche Véronique started suffering from depression and bipolar disorder at a very young age. She later was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After a long and difficult journey through depression, psychosis, an attempt to end her life, several hospitalisations and changes in doctors, she finally received the correct diagnosis (schizoaffective disorder) and, more importantly, the right medication. In spite of everything, she completed her high school diploma with honors. With an aptitude for arts, Blanche Véronique found it easy to express herself through drawings and poetry.

During the worst of her illness, she ?lled as many as twenty diaries describing her depressions, her manic phases, her fears, her anxieties, her psychosis. This was her way of coping with the demons that tormented her. It was a first step on the way to recovery.

Today, at 26 years old, Blanche Véronique is well and finally happy. Her hope is to help other young people like herself and raise public awareness about this issue. It is her way of making her own personal contribution to the cause.


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