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Driven by Dreams - DVD/À force de rêves - DVD

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They are between 80 and 94 years old. They play instruments, paint, work the land or take pleasure in antiques. Serge Giguère observes the individuals in this documentary with the freedom he has achieved through years of experience, piecing together fragments of their lives to create a vibrant and colourful mosaic.  

Driven by Dreams is proof positive that it is possible to grow old happily. The film exudes a feeling of creativity and joy in living that the camera conveys through the closeness and intimacy the filmmaker shares with the people he shows on screen. Even if death is ever-present, it cannot alter the gentle warmth of this film that reveals the subtle and precious lessons that unpretentious wisdom has to offer. A film that helps us live better lives!

2010, 71 min 01 s

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