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From Arusha to Arusha

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From Arusha to Arusha focuses on the Rwandan tragedy in order to examine the functioning of the international justice system. It examines both the activities of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), which is prosecuting those responsible for the genocide, as well as those of the gacaca courts, the people’s tribunals, which are working towards justice through reconciliation.

By juxtaposing archival audiovisual footage of an international court enacting justice behind closed doors, with images and testimony gathered in the field, the film presents conflicting points of view and invites the Rwandan people to re-appropriate their own history.

Christophe Gargot has his roots in the rich documentary tradition of such filmmakers as Raymond Depardon, people who are interested in focussing on the rituals of large institutions. This film examines the issue of universal moral values in action while at the same time questioning our relationship with the images we take in and our responsibilities as world citizens.

2008, 114 min 51 s

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Special Mention (Amnesty International Jury Award)
IndieLisboa - International Independent Film Festival
April 23 to May 9 2009, Lisbon - Portugal

Georges de Beauregard National Prize
July 2 to 7 2008, Marseille - France

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