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Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada

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Feminism has shaped the society we live in. But just how far has it brought us, and how relevant is it today? Status Quo? asks these questions and uncovers provocative—at times shocking—answers about the evolution of women’s equality in Canada.

Interweaving a wealth of dynamic archival material with startling contemporary stories, Status Quo? situates the vibrant Canadian women’s movement in its history-making context. In 1967 the landmark Royal Commission on the Status of Women made recommendations to address the inequalities faced by women. Now, Status Quo? zeroes in on key concerns first raised 45 years ago: violence against women, access to abortion, and universal childcare. How much progress have we made on these issues?

Status Quo? is crucial viewing for every Canadian, especially those unfamiliar with the vital achievements of the feminist movement. This striking, in-depth documentary pays homage to Canada’s feminist forerunners and raises important questions about where and how we should move on from here.

2012, 87 min 13 s

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WFF Award for World Documentary
Film Festival
November 28 to December 2 2012, Whistler - Canada

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