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The Lost Town of Switez

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In 19th-century Poland, a traveller loses his way in the forest one stormy night, then witnesses the last days of a medieval town under attack by ruthless warriors. Are the knights on galloping steeds and the hail of fiery arrows mere figments of his imagination? The Lost Town of Switez transports viewers into an apocalyptic fantasy world. But out of the horror of a massacre, the most delicate flowers bloom.

Screened at the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival, the film is based on an epic poem by renowned Polish writer Adam Mickiewicz. The grandiose tale is propelled by the music of Irina Bogdanovitch. Kamil Polak has used advanced computer-assisted animation techniques to create a rich visual universe inspired by religious iconography and Polish romantic painting.

2010, 19 min 54 s

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Best Visual Effects Award
Sichuan TV Festival
November 11 to 13 2011, Chengdu - China

Best Animation
International Film Festival
September 29 to October 2 2011, Naoussa - Greece

Best Short Animated Film (from 10 to 50 min)
Golden Kruker- International Animation Film Festival
September 28 to October 2 2011, Sofia - Bulgaria

Best Animation
New York City Short Film Festival
September 23 to 24 2011, New York - USA

Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers' Award
World Festival of Animated Film
September 8 to 12 2011, Varna - Bulgaria

Best Animation Short- with a cash prize of $2,000 USD
International Short Film Festival
June 21 to 27 2011, Palm Springs - USA

« Jean-Luc Xiberras » Award for a first film
International Animated Film Festival
June 6 to 11 2011, Annecy - France

Silver Hobby-Horse for Best Animated Film
International Film Festival
May 23 to 29 2011, Cracow - Poland

Pulcinella Award for Best Short Film
Cartoons on the Bay
April 7 to 10 2011, Rome - Italy

First Award- Best Short Film
International Film Festival
April 1 to 9 2011, Las Palmas - Spain

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