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Life with Murder - DVD/Meurtre au sein de la famille - DVD

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Living through the death of a child is any parent’s worst nightmare; but how could anyone ever hope to cope with the murder of their daughter by their own son? Faced with this horrifying scenario, Brian and Leslie Jenkins must decide whether to accept their son, a convicted killer, back into their lives, or turn their backs on him completely, thereby destroying what’s left of their family. Directed by three-time Emmy Award-winner John Kastner, Life with Murder employs gripping police interrogation videotapes, home videos and interviews to chronicle this remarkable story as it unfolds over the course of a decade.

Features extensive chaptering and 6 additional informative scenes including Mason Jenkins and Prison Official, Cathy Belanger; Trauma Psychologist, Dr. William McDermott; life inside the facility and includes the Q&A with parents Brian and Leslie Jenkins, filmmaker John Kastner at the World Premiere at Hot Docs.

2010, 94 min 52 s

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