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The Auctioneer

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Dale Menzak is an auctioneer specializing in the sale of family farms. A man of few words when not auctioneering, he also works part-time as an undertaker. From his portable auctioneer’s booth, Dale helps to liquidate antiquated farm equipment, after which he dons a sombre necktie and returns to his job at the funeral home. Set against a backdrop of gorgeous prairie vistas, The Auctioneer observes Dale from a respectful distance as he facilitates the difficult process of letting go. Along the way, the film takes a number of detours, turning its meditative gaze on Dale’s regular lunchtime respites at a Chinese restaurant, chores on his farm and participation in the town parade, before climaxing with the bustle of a farm dismantled at auction. All unfolds at a measured pace before an unobtrusive camera rooted to the dry prairie earth.

2012, 57 min 39 s

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