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Prince Edward Island has long been famous for its spuds and red mud. But in the last 50 years since industrialized farming took root, this small, agricultural island has been building a new reputation—for having the highest cancer and respiratory illness rates in Canada. Is there a link?

Every year, countless tourists are greeted by PEI’s warm sandy beaches, quaint seaside villages and, of course, field after field of the island’s signature potato crops. Rather than dwelling on PEI’s worrisome monocropping practices, Island Green dares to ask: What if PEI went entirely organic?

Using beautiful imagery and poignant stories from the island’s small but growing community of organic farmers, PEI filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes, whose work includes December in Toronto and Stalking Love, explores a healthier future for Canada’s smallest province. In addition to the farmers’ stories, she shares the stirring words of PEI-born poet Tanya Davis, which remind us that we can rob the land only so much before it robs us of the nourishment we need for life.

As Island Green shows organic farmers working the fields, eating their bountiful harvests together with friends and family, and discussing the success of their farms, its story is ultimately one of hope and healthy promise.

2013, 25 min 01 s

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