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A cell divides itself. From this first mass of light six luminous bodies soon emerge. They evolve in a world they are discovering – explorers lit by their internal light, leaving behind traces of the fire that animates them.

ORA is a stunning meeting between the artistic worlds of choreographer José Navas and filmmaker Philippe Baylaucq. It is the first film to use 3D thermal imaging, producing visuals like none that have ever been seen before: the luminous variations of body heat seen on skin, bodies emitting a multitude of colours, a space filled with movement that transforms itself.

ORA is dance transformed by cinema – a completely unique film experience. Director Philippe Baylaucq brings us a spectacular cinematic adventure, in the great tradition of innovative films produced by the National Film Board of Canada.


2011, 15 min 35 s

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Perron de Cristal Award-Alternative Content Category
3D Stereo Media
December 3 to 6 2013, Liège - Belgium

Award in the Experimental/others category
3D Image Festival
October 20 to 24 2013, Lodz - Poland

Autodesk 3D Independent Short Film Competition Award Winner
4th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards
February 6 2013, Beverly Hills - USA

Special Mention for Firebird Award
International Film Festival
March 21 to April 5 2012, Hong Kong - China

Audience Award for Best Foreign Documentary Film (under 45 minutes)
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
March 9 to 18 2012, Thessaloniki - Greece

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