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Antoine (Descriptive Video) & Private Eyes/Antoine (video description) & Les yeux noirs

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A sensitive portrait of the real and imaginary lives of Antoine, a boy detective who runs, drives, hosts radio shows and adores simultaneous telephone conversations. Over the course of two years he uses a mini-boom microphone to discover and capture the sounds surrounding him. In this way, he co-created the soundtrack of this film. This child, of Vietnamese origin, was born 100 days prematurely. He was integrated into the regular school system in Montreal, with unprecedented success.

Antoine is five years old and he is blind.

Private Eyes
Matthew is never afraid of the dark because he has been surrounded by it all his life. He’s got eyes hiding everywhere: in his hands, in his feet and especially in his ears. This week, his mother and father are preparing a surprise for his birthday and he can hardly wait to find out what it is! Directed by Nicola Lemay, Private Eye is a 3D stereoscopic animated adaptation of Gilles Tibo’s book for children published in 1999 by Éditions Soulières.

2011, 66 min 16 s

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