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Hemingway once called the bluefin tuna “the king of fish.” Now, this long-overfished delicacy is quickly disappearing from our oceans. In Japan, gigantic freezers are packed with enough tuna to supply consumers for decades in the event of the species' extinction. This cynical gamble may be a winning one, with the World Wildlife Federation predicting tuna stocks will collapse in 2012. But in a small Canadian fishing village known as “the Tuna Capital of the World,” a different story is being told.

The fishermen of North Lake, PEI, claim that tuna have recently returned to their shores in record numbers, thanks to their sustainable fishing practices. Scientists, however, dismiss this apparent resurgence as fool's gold and are lobbying to have the bluefin classified as an endangered species. Reeling from the consequences of foreign industrial overfishing, the fishermen know their community’s way of life is at stake in their battle to be part of the solution to a problem they didn't create.

Featuring stunning underwater photography, Bluefin tells an epic story of globalization and its casualties, as fishermen and scientists meet face to face to determine the fate of the king of fish—and the future of North Lake.

2011, 60 min

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