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The Conquerors / Les Conquérants

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A man and woman are carried by stormy seas onto a strange, inhospitable shore. They then embark on an epic adventure, attempting to survive in their new world and gain mastery over it. Time passes; they domesticate wild animals and, driven by hunger, they work the land. Thanks to their ceaseless hard work and toil, their wealth increases and their family grows.

The time comes when they feel the urge to explore, to go ever higher, beyond what has become familiar. Perhaps, even, to meet the Other . . . and risk losing their Eden. Could it be that this urge that propels them forward is the need for conquest?

An allegory of the very origins of civilization, with passing references to prehistory and the Bible, the animated film The Conquerors tells the story of human beings and the societies they create.

2011, 12 min 17 s

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