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Kaspar (Inspired by the Life of Kaspar Hauser)

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Isolated in a dark cave for as long as he can remember, with only a small wooden horse to keep him company, Kaspar knows nothing about life. When the “man in black” comes to get him, Kaspar is suddenly thrust out into the wide world for the very first time. Its bright, blinding light both frightens and intrigues him. This touchingly fragile young man reacts vividly to all that surrounds him. The white colour of the snow bites his hands; lightning flashes feel like needles in his eyes.  Kaspar is intrigued by everything: the rain, trees, sounds, and he talks about how his life has changed. Animator Diane Obomsawin offers us an impressionistic fable based on the story of Kaspar Hauser, the famous 19th century orphan who has inspired countless artists. A poetic tale infused with sadness and uncertainty, Kaspar is about the fascinating discovery of a world that is both magnificent and terrifying.

2012, 08 min 22 s

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The National Audiovisual Institute Award / Silver Pegasus- with a cash prize of PLN 25,000 gross
Animator International Animation Festival
July 13 to 18 2013, Poznan - Poland