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Big Trees

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What would you do for a view of the ocean in Canada’s most expensive city?

One winter, Odile falls deeply in love with the spectacular ocean vista afforded by a beachside apartment in Vancouver’s West End. As she settles into her new home and spring arrives, her view becomes obstructed by a beech tree that she had failed to notice in its leafless winter state. How far will Odile go to regain her cherished panorama? Like Don Giovanni, it seems she’ll stop at nothing to attain her heart’s desire, regardless of the price she has to pay.

Based on a true story, Big Trees is an animated musical comedy about human nature and humans versus nature. With a nod to Alain Resnais’ Same Old Song and its obsession with pricey real estate, the film follows in the particularly Canadian tradition of making landscape a central character. In this eccentric blend of musical genres, literary references, stop-motion, hand-drawn animation, projected imagery, and altered live action, director Ann Marie Fleming stresses the tension between urban life and the natural environment, contrasting the organic world and a controlled, polished one.

2013, 12 min 18 s

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