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A State of Blackness: Aimé Césaire's Way/La manière nègre ou Aimé Césaire, chemin faisant - DVD

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Aimé Césaire, a poet from Martinique, influenced several cultural and political figures in Quebec. In addition to talking about this man, Lafond looks at the double intermingled destiny of Quebec and the Antilles, and at the colonized making their voices heard. The film presents several artists and for the first time Michaëlle Jean, who will play an essential role in the Caribbean collection. By showing their discussion and rereading of Césaire, the film raises questions about the relationships between art, politics and activism. It raises the issue of Quebec independence 10 yeears after the failure of the first referendum but during an era in which hope seemed to be rekindling. The editing of the film does not provide univocal answers to this question, but the book that Lafond draws from it in 1993 clarifies certain intentions. "A more or less worn out discourse on Quebec nationalism may no longer create an illusion and mask the real issue of independence which is not to ensure the survival of the identity of a society, but rather to ensure its assertion and fulfilment in the world today."

1991, 59 min