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Haiti in All Our Dreams/Haïti dans tous nos rêves - DVD

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René Depestre, renowned author, namely of Hadriana in all My Dreams to which the title of the film alludes, left his country under the Duvalier regime and has never been back since. He had been in exile for 40 years when the film was made. He also broke away from the Communist regimes where he lived (Cuba, Czechoslovakia). His only country is now literature. His niece, Michaëlle Jean, joined him in France to ask him about his thought processes and to try to convince him to go back to the new Haiti under Aristide. To no avail. Lafond continues his work on the artist's activism and the disillusionment that looms over him. He also reflects on the concept of country, the stuff of both reality and dream. In 1996, at Hot Docs (Toronto), the film won the Best Political Film prize.

1995, 54 min