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In Pointe-Verte, a coastal hamlet on the Acadian Peninsula with a dwindling population, ensuring the survival of the general store is a family matter. The parents, now nearing retirement, have held the fort for more than 30 years, but their children dream of different tomorrows. The film’s director, who grew up in the family grocery store, chronicles day-to-day life in this meeting place, where all the stages of life hold sway. By turns comical and poignant, the film pays tribute to a family that has remained devoted to its community and maintained a constant, reassuring presence. For the younger generation, less inclined to such a life of good-humoured sacrifice, the future lies elsewhere, even if uprooting themselves brings difficult challenges. This debut film, made for the 2011 Tremplin competition, heralds the arrival of a sensitive, singular new voice among the next generation of documentary filmmakers in Acadia.

2012, 26 min

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Prix TV5 pour la meilleure œuvre franco-canadienne- assorti d’une bourse de 1500 $
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma
February 20 to March 3 2013, Montréal - Canada

La vague / ACIC-ONF Award for Best Acadian Short Film - with a prize of $5000 in services
International Francophone Film Festival in Acadie
November 15 to 23 2012, Moncton - Canada

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