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Last Chance

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Last Chance by Paul Émile d’Entremont travels the world to tell the stories of five asylum seekers who flee their native countries to escape homophobic violence. Here in Canada, they face hurdles integrating into society and fear deportation. As they anxiously await a decision in their refugee claims, they remain hopeful their adopted land will show mercy. The five men and women are not alone in their fight for freedom. Friends, lawyers and support groups mobilize to get their cases heard at a time when Canada’s tradition of openness is coming under threat. Last Chance gives voice to sexual minorities who refuse to deny their core identity. It brings to light the reality of people who boldly and bravely assert their differences against all odds.

2012, 84 min 48 s

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La Vague-Léonard Forest Award for Best Acadian Mid-Length or Feature Length Film
International Francophone Film Festival in Acadie
November 15 to 23 2012, Moncton - Canada

Best Atlantic Original Score or Song: Claude Fournier- with $5,000 services, sponsored by Hideout Studios
Atlantic Film Festival
September 13 to 20 2012, Halifax - Canada