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The Fallacy - DVD/L'imposture - DVD

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The current trend to label prostitution a profession “like any other” has met with opposition from women who have actually been involved in the sex trade.  With clarity and courage, they reveal the hidden side of so-called “sex work,” which is never an informed choice leading to wealth, pleasure and freedom.

The women are 22, 34 and 48 years old and live in Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa. They have recently given up prostitution or are trying to escape it. They put up a fierce fight to turn their lives around and reintegrate into society. This documentary shot in cinéma vérité style is a candid look at a prostitute’s reality.

In a long journey fraught with hurdles, each women seeks to gain control over her life, rebuild her self-esteem and find true happiness. Given the few resources available, a researcher and anthropologist sets up an independent centre to support these women in their struggles.

2010, 147 min

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