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It's a Dog's Life

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Fifi the dog has two main goals in life: being best friend to Mom, Dad and the kids—and keeping up with science news! The two go hand in hand for this scholarly canine: while doing whatever it takes to please his masters, he tries to make off with the newspaper articles he craves. One evening, at mealtime, Fifi finds himself stuck under the kitchen table, surrounded by the hubbub of conversation. Soon the dinner guests are making quite a ruckus, and the poor pooch gets blamed for it in spite of himself. Jostled from all sides, Fifi would give anything to be left alone in his basket, his nose buried in a feature story on space travel. It’s going to be a long night... Animated using a graphics tablet, this short by Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco-Levrin is the tale of a dog’s life on a human scale—an urban fable about learning to live together.

2012, 07 min 45 s

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Best Script
Les murs ont des yeux
March 18 2014, Osny - France

Mention spéciale du jury
Festi'Val d'Oise
October 11 to 13 2013, Val d'Oise - France

Special Mention for the Young Audience Competition
Festival international du court métrage
October 9 to 13 2013, Lille - France

Gold Award
Festival of Nations
June 14 to 20 2013, Lenzing - Austria

International Film Festival for Children and Youth
May 27 to June 1 2013, Zlin - Czech Republic

Best Canadian Short- Elementary
FIN Kids
April 14 to 20 2013, Halifax - Canada

Prix du public- catégorie court métrage professionnel
Festival de cinéma pour enfants de Québec
March 1 to 10 2013, Québec - Canada

Jury "Classe L CAV" prize
Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma d'Animation
November 12 to 20 2012, Wissembourg - France

First Prize
Premio Simona Gesmundo Corti d'Animazione
October 27 2012, Cetraro - Italy

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