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A Journal of Insomnia (Web Site)

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The Internet is insomnia. It is always night somewhere—and day somewhere else. The Net never sleeps.

A Journal of Insomnia is a collaborative experience, inviting people to be both spectators and actors in a compelling encounter with what keeps them up at night. It invites users to immerse themselves within the universe of insomnia—a phenomenon that will touch most of us at some point in our lives.

Moving beyond the traditional narrative boundaries of the documentary form, the project offers an unsettling new perspective on the society we inhabit. In September 2012, the project’s creators began asking insomniacs around the world to confide in them through nfb.ca/insomnia. Since then, thousands have contributed, sharing their experiences via webcam, written accounts and drawings. Many of these contributions form the raw material for A Journal of Insomnia. Four insomniacs in particular share their sleepless nights with the creative team. Their revealing testimony draws us into an enclosed atmosphere of solitude and distress.

The original idea for the project comes from Hugues Sweeney, Executive Producer for the French Program’s Digital Studio at the NFB. The creative team behind the project is characterized by remarkable synergy: Guillaume Braun and Bruno Choinière, from the Montréal-based production house AKUFEN; Philippe Lambert, and Thibaut Duverneix, from the multidisciplinary studio Departement.

Guided by the subtle narration of actress Marie Brassard, users can spend over an hour navigating through a work that transcends voyeurism to offer meaningful insight into the insomniac experience. The melding of subject and narrative form allows users to understand insomnia from a fresh perspective—one that offers an arresting and immediate snapshot of insomniacs across the globe.

2012, 15 min

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Site web événementiel
Concours Grafika
February 6 2014, Montréal - Canada

Prize. Category: Site ou application expérientielle
Boomerang Awards by Editions Info Presse
December 5 2013, Montréal - Canada

Prix innovation FNC Lab
Festival du nouveau cinéma
October 9 to 20 2013, Montréal - Canada

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