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A Sea Turtle Story - DVD/Une histoire de tortues - DVD

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Under the cover of night, a sea turtle secretly digs a hole on a tropical beach and lays her eggs in the sand before returning to the ocean. With each tide, the hatchlings grow until they are strong enough to emerge, climb to the surface and race to water. So begins the treacherous journey that is the life of a sea turtle—a perilous world filled with predators such as crabs, birds, sharks and even hazards created by humans.

A Sea Turtle Story is a moving and exquisite stop-motion animated film that chronicles the life cycle of this critically endangered species. Capturing the beauty of the ecosystems that sea turtles inhabit, the film is ideal for all audiences, and for teaching young and old alike about these fascinating creatures of the sea.

This film has no dialogue or narration, and is available in 2D.

2012, 09 min 51 s

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