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Inspector Street / Rue de l'Inspecteur

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At first, everything appears to be perfectly normal at the corner of Inspector Street in front of the building that houses the daily newspaper L’Urbain. But it would be a mistake to ignore a newspaper left on a bench, its headlines warning of most unusual phenomena. And it would be an even bigger mistake not to notice what’s going on inside this very same newspaper.  With a gust of wind, the pages turn, fold, and come to life, and fantastical creatures emerge from the black-and-white photos within: a bridge that turns into a caterpillar; a steeple transforming into a sharp-beaked bird; a dome that becomes an astonishing octopus; a doodle animating itself. Wild and elemental forces have been unleashed.

Skilfully wielding paper cut-outs, origami, and a sense of humour, Emmanuelle Loslier blends film noir, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, and sound textures to plunge us into the heart of a surprising and stunning universe in which the buildings of Montreal—for better or for worse—have never been so alive.

2013, 08 min 22 s

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