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Cat Meets Dog

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A mysterious invitation of a romantic nature kicks off this adventure of parallel lives and parallel worlds. Acclaimed animator Paul Driessen’s latest short is a wandering tale of desire and disappointment told in four different story-windows. As an anthropomorphic cat and dog meander through their alternate and intersecting realities, each story-window ends on a cliffhanger and transitions to another tale.

Even though the pursuit of romance fuels our protagonists’ journeys, it is ultimately each character’s unique persona that determines their fate. The dog in this capricious tale is by turns impulsive, adventurous, and goal-oriented, while the cat we meet is typically thoughtful and confident, yet subdued. Ultimately, our characters’ wayward adventures in love and life reveal their animalistic nature—a primal force found beneath “civilized” exteriors.

Featuring a lively soundtrack, this film employs Driessen’s signature mixture of drama and comedy to explore the ways in which life can surprise us when the choices we make determine the outcome of our journeys.

2015, 11 min 13 s

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