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Third Page from the Sun

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Prolific filmmaker Theodore Ushev's latest work is an intriguing act of creative liberation. Ushev tore up the pages of an animation festival's catalogue and covered its images and words with paint, obscuring the text's intended meaning to concoct a film that is part irreverent gesture and part bold salvage inititiative. Propelled and structured by Ana Sokolovic's original music score, Third Page from the Sun is an abstract exploration of several big issues: the fragility of culture, the obsolescence of paper, recycling, and the ephemeral nature of the digital age.
With this modern take on the idea of the palimpsest, the filmmaker has committed a galvanizing act of creation through destruction, setting the catalogue's pages alight with paintbrush strokes and transforming the book into a rolling red mass.

2014, 05 min 53 s

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London International Animation Festival - LIAF
October 25 to November 3 2014, London, EnglandInternational Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
October 27 to November 2 2014, Leipzig, GermanyInternational Weekend of Animation
October 30 to November 2 2014, Wiesbaden, GermanySommets du cinéma d'animation
November 27 to December 7 2014, Montréal, Canada

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